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Follow the leaf, but that’s not always the case for Victoria. With the fascination of computers, Victoria Chow studied Computer Science in College and began her career at one of the largest law firms in California. She stayed in the computer field for 10 years before becoming self-employed. Always having the desire to connect with people, she shifted to telecommunication. What’s more important now to her is sharing the love and traditions of tea.

Tea is one beverage that crosses culture. The conversations begin with tea… where we might go from here. She shares the love for tea since 2007, serving Afternoon Tea at Boise Café. At the same time, she started MorningGloryTeahouse.com, an online store. In 2008, she expanded to a Wholesale tea business. Tea Meditation Service and Tea Tasting Classes started in 2010, and Tea Leaf Reading started in May 2012. Along the way, she completed Tea Certification Classes from Specialty Tea Institute. Since her father had three teahouses in Hong Kong, drinking good tea has been part of the life since childhood.

Tea is not just a healthy drink. When brewing a prefect cup of tea, the process allows one to check in with the inner self. Is your spirit at peace and your cup is filled with joy? Is your cup holding sadness? Is your cup over steep because you are chasing a dream and thinking about the to-do list? Victoria reminds you to take the time to be one with what you are doing. Be in the moment, feel the stillness in the cup, feel it’s warmth, take in the aroma, taste the characteristic in the liquid and know how the leaf become tea arriving in your hands with the labor of love from the farmers. Know that the tea masters
have spent their life time making the prefect leaves just for you to brew into a prefect cup to enjoy. Honor yourself by fully experience the tea. Tea is not just an open dialogue to connect with friends, but an opportunity to connect with ourselves.

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Victoria Chow
Tea Specialist