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Wine Inspired Teas

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Ice Wine Tea
Ceylon Premium Black Tea infused with Ice Wine from Ontario, Canada. These grapes are picked in the Winter month of December just after the first frost and the grapes are frozen for two days. The grapes in its frozen state contains the most sugar. You can taste a little sweetness in the tea, mildly astringency and has the scent of floral bouquet. This loose leaf tea currently comes in resealable foil bag. 36 servings.   

Price  $ 10.95
White Champagne Raspberry
China White Tea blended with safflowers, Champagne and Raspbrry Flavoring. There is a sweet scent of the Champaign in this tea. White tea has a mild taste, just perfect undertone for the Champagne taste. 20 to 25 servings in loose leaf comes in resealable foil bag.
Price  $ 10.95
White Cabernet Chrysanthemum
China White tea blended with Osmanthus flowers, Royal Chrysanthemum petals and cabernet flavoring. There is bitterness in this tea if its over steeped, partly due to the cabernet taste. If you like Cabernet, this tea is for you. 24 servings of loose leaf tea in resealable package.
Price  $ 10.95
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